Manufacturing Capabilities

“The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary. ~ Sam Walton”

Bloomcraft has a reputation for its exceptional quality and reliability. It has laid operation systems, quality and production standards, which helps us to deliver high customer satisfaction. We believe every great business is built on friendship. We as an organization would always like to go an extra mile to help our customers be it in the development phase or in order-deliveries.

Overall manufacturing space is 29,400 shirts/day (7,64,400 shirts/month) – 14 lines.

By July 2018: 19,600 Shirts/day – 14 lines

Expected Capacity (By End Of Year): 1,25,000 shirts/month

Overall Manufacturing Space: – 6,55,000 shirts/month

Bigger Capacity can be offered to each customer ( built up area – 3,60,000 sq. ft. and space for 21 production lines having 85 m/c in each line spread over 3 floors)

Manufacturing of medium & high-end garments for export and domestic Market.

Well -organized facility, state of the art equipment and an efficient team, which understands the value of time, quality and precision.

We have access to fabric collections from mills across India, China, Italy and Turkey. We have an in-house team, which takes care of the developments of the fabrics and styles.

Our entire operations are managed through ERP, from order to shipping.

We have modular lines for samples and small orders.

We like being technologically up-to-date, for that we have installed ‘Best in Class’ machinery from Juki, Veit, Ngai Shing, Epakin, Martin, Gerber, Eastman and Kansai.

We have engineered workstations using folder, stackers and specialized machines.

Current production capacity is 9,800 shirts/day (2,54,800 shirts/month)- 7 lines.