Mr. Vijay Thakkar


Relationships are the glue of any business, most importantly in our industry. It is the most essential ingredient in the effective long lasting association with buyers, brands, vendors, suppliers, consultants and employees. Bloomcraft has always given priority to nourish each and every relationship we make in our daily work schedule. The path of maintaining relationships channels our every endeavour in making and delivering what has been promised on time and every time, thus shaping up our maxims and making us stronger, better and reliable. We derive a sense of pride of having steered Bloomcraft into a position of strength and leadership in the shirt manufacturing industry.

With top notch infrastructure, fresh young minds, modern approach and age-old experiential guidance, we at Bloomcraft steered by determination continuously aim to enrich our relationships though our deliverables. Headquartered at Bangalore, Bloomcraft has a skilled workforce clubbed with technologically advanced machinery, which makes us feel confident in executing the most challenging orders. The proof of which can be seen in our daily routine, where men at work pay detailed attention to every job work as for us each garment and every order is significant. Our association with the most dynamic retailers around the globe gives us an incredible exposure to feel the market pulse. Intensively trained experts in various departments are constantly striving to control costs in order to create garments, which are value for money. Our manufacturing scale and strict processes for producing quality garments make us even more prominent as a global vendor.

For the journey in progress, we envision our company to be recognised as the epitome of efficient manufacturing powerhouse.

Mr. Harsh Somaiya

Managing Director

Bloomcraft is one big family. As a young entity, we have installed the latest technology; have a broader mind-set and a fresh approach of working paired with the expertise of our other key members. We are constantly looking out for developments and want to grow with the brand we work with. It’s always our pleasure to go that extra mile and help the brand be it, in the developments or order deliveries. We see our business more as a friendship, than as a business venture. Bloomcraft believes in commitment and quality. It is our constant effort to deliver quality products in the promised lead-time. Bloomcraft has not only instilled in its employees a never-ending drive to reach-out, but has also equipped their families with a sense of pride and achievement. We believe in 5 core values: honesty, integrity, respect, trust and responsibility. We work around these values while maintaining the quality of company’s products at a competitive cost. Our manufacturing scale and stringent processes for producing quality garments is our focus. We believe in delivering high quality products on the committed delivery time. This in essence is our real accomplishment and Bloomcraft shall always live up to the intrinsic demands and expectations of India and the world.
I see a very bright future for Bloomcraft and we are working together to achieve it.

Mr. Radhakrishna Nair

VP Operations

Mr. Ramakanth Satpathy

Head of Supply chain

Mr. Venkatesh DV

GM Production

Mr. Suresh Balakrishnan

GM Quality