Welcome to Bloomcraft Apparels, this platform provides our  – associates, suppliers and customers – with an overview of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities.

All shirts and apparels manufactured at Bloomcraft are in compliance with social, ethical, human and environmental requirements. All our processes have been designed to adhere to the social and safety standards as per various international, national and local laws. Our employees have been educated on all the safety norms and are provided with adequate, on-going training to ensure a safe and healthy working environment.

Our hiring processes have been streamlined to reflect the same respect for guidelines outlined in various statures. We are against employing child labor and forced labor under any circumstances. Nor do we discriminate among employees with regards to wages and benefits. Employee performance shall be measured purely based on his / her ability without taking into consideration gender, race, age, color, nationality, disability, veteran status, marital status, sexual orientation, religious or cultural beliefs.
We are a firm believer that profits must co-exist with principles. We, as individuals and as a business, can have direct impact on society by delivering performance that rewards our customers creates economic opportunity for our associates and allows us to leverage our success to have positive economic and social impact on the communities where we live, work and play. The more we make for our clients, the more we can serve our communities. This creates a virtuous cycle of principle-based profitability.

  1. In the factory premises, we have a crèche supervised by a teacher and a full-time helper who takes care of the kids of the women employed at Bloomcraft. The teacher on a daily basis educates the kids. A number of festivals are celebrated with the kids. Basic necessities are provided too. We do this to encourage the women to work and become as independent as they wish to.
  2. We have a medical clinic, which is supervised by a full-time nurse and a doctor, which take care of the medical needs of the ill workers. They are educated on pre-maternal care, sanitary, medical needs and other issues if needed. Ambulance services are available in times of emergency. We have also tied up with local government hospitals for any emergency.
  3. We have provision of a canteen, which serves breakfast and lunch to the workers, which is clean and maintained by the housekeeping daily.
  4. Bloomcraft is equipped with state of the art fire fighting equipment’s following all the government norms and regulations for fire safety. Every 3 months, we perform fire safety drills with the local authorities of the fire department. We have smoke detectors with alarm system installed in all floors of our facility. We have well-marked fire evacuation routes mentioned at all critical points. For every 15 feet, we have 1 fire extinguisher installed, which is checked and maintained on a daily basis.
  5. We believe in making the world a better to place to live in thus, we have taken a Go green initiative and planted 1000 trees.
  6. We have donated old machines, computers, to government schools and colleges hoping it will aid in the education of women and children.
  7. We have a suggestion box, where in the workers can feel free to drop in a message and let us know how we can improve.
  8. The company is under 24 hours surveillance to keep the security in check.
  9. All the regional and national festivals are celebrated to keep the workers motivated and enjoy the festival as one family.
  10. In-house training center for fresh recruitment tied up with government. We encourage more women employees, as we firmly believe that there is no better tool of development than the empowerment of women.
  11. We believe in constant training and development of our employees and for that, we have well-aided training centers under the supervision of experienced personnel who teach techniques that would result in faster grasping of the production process.
  12. Bloomcraft’s commitment to social responsibility is an integral component of the company’s culture. To date, we have contributed towards charitable causes, with particular focus on those most relevant to the company, its associates and its customers: the environment, youth empowerment and education, young women’s health and worker rights and equality.
  13. Our customers drive everything that we do. We interact with them, through these exchanges; they show us what they value most in an ethical and socially conscious brand and help us to focus our efforts. They continue to inspire us with their optimism, enthusiasm and hope for a better future for us all.

We try to do our part by giving them opportunities to make a difference and to show them how we are doing our part. This is just one way to share the work that we’ve been doing both independently and more importantly, together.